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Privacy Policy: You will be asked to provide some personal information for collection, use, and storage. We will not sell or redistribute your personal information. When you login with Google button, we will collect, use, and storage your name and email. If you do not accept with Terms or Privacy Policy, you are prohibited from using or accessing this site. Virtnumber may use cookies and other tracking tehnoligies toanalyze trends, trackusers movements around the services and third party sites.You can control the user of cookiesat the individualbrowser level, butif you choose to disable cookies, it may limit functions on the services.

No Guarantee: Virtnumber is a middle supplier to place your order with the main supplier. By placing an order with Virtnumber, you accept this risk and the outcome. There will be no refund if your order is unsuccessful. Some services doesn't send verification codes to virtual mobile numbers, no guarantee that you will receive verification codes from services with provided phone number. Numbers can't be replaced or changed. In case of SIM-storage service, provided cards must be registered and activated, European roaming must be enabled in other case we will ask you to send new cards.

TERMS OF SERVICE: For auto virtual mobile number extension, not enough positive balance. Virtual Number must have 1 received message - 15 days before expiration date. Real SMS number has auto extension without any additional restrictions. Prices: All prices for the services is listed on the main site. Prices can be changed without notification, please check current prices before placing an order. For servises buying you can use Virtnumber Credits. 1 euro - 1 credit. Virtnumber Credits can't be exchanged back to Euro or any other currency.

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